Oakland, USA
Nov 19th - 20th - Oracle Arena

League of Legends

Be aware that we are running a continuous show so in the case of short matches we can run ahead of schedule.

Saturday, November 19th - Group Stage

Approximate time ESL Stream
10:00AM Pacific Broadcast Begins
10:45AM Pacific Quarterfinal 1 - Unicorns of Love vs INTZ
2:15PM Pacific Showmatch
5:45PM Pacific Quarterfinal 2 - Chiefs vs Longzhu

Sunday, November 20th - Playoffs

Approximate time ESL Stream
9:30AM Pacific Broadcast Begins
10:00AM Pacific Semifinal #1 - Tean SoloMid vs Unicorns of Love
1:30PM Pacific Semifinal #2 - Flash Wolves vs Longzhu
5:00PM Pacific Grand Finals