“You can’t really describe what’s going on at these events”: our interview with Tweeday ahead of IEM Oakland
We caught up with Tweeday to talk about his channel and the next Intel Extreme Masters stop in Oakland.

Ahead of Intel Extreme Masters Oakland 2016, we had the chance to sit down with Tweeday to talk about his past events, life as a YouTube content creator and his upcoming trip to Oakland.

IEM: Hi, Kevin, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What are you up to these days?
Tweeday: Hey there! It’s always a pleasure, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. The usual is happening - video (editing) grind and streaming; whereas streaming got bigger than it ever was for myself - it is actually frightening how much fun I recently found streaming.

IEM: The biggest CS:GO event you attended recently was ESL One Cologne. How did you enjoy it?
Tweeday: ESL One Cologne 2016 was indeed a crazy event. I mostly enjoyed being around people and meeting my followers as well as personalities I yet had to get to know. As I have had so many videos planned to record at the event I haven’t really had the time to enjoy the games itself but it was definitely worth it. Overall I think I managed to get 13 videos recorded in the time-frame of three days.

However I still got a hold of the amazing atmosphere inside the arena and got to witness the feelings that everybody should experience. It’s just so much different from viewing stadium events online. Aside from that, I spent some off time going out with my friends from around the world.

IEM: The next event people will be able to meet you at will be IEM Oakland. How does it feel going back to the Bay Area for another CS:GO stadium event?
Tweeday: Getting to attend just another huge CS:GO event is exciting. You can’t really describe anything that is going on at these events. It’s simply put an experience that I wouldn’t want to miss so I’m glad I get to go another time.

IEM: What are you most looking forward to at the event?
Tweeday: USA! I love flying overseas even though the travel is exhausting. As mentioned above meeting the people is probably the best part about making a trip like this. However the experience of being in a stadium, witnessing great CS being played on stage and everything that surrounds it, is something that makes me look forward to it already even weeks or months before such a happening. The cherry on the cake is obviously that I get to meet and enjoy time with my partners over at GFUEL “live”, that’ll be just great.

IEM: Last year, you attended IEM San Jose. What are your memories from that event?
Tweeday: There’s been a lounge up on top where you could see both - the LoL and the CS:GO stage from the side. That view of the filled arena on top is something that I clearly remember. Then obviously the good amount of partying at night, the chill viewing spot we had for ourselves. It was also the time I first got to meet USA content creators such as WarOwl which was great! Last but not least though the one thing that was stunning was the insane line at the signings we did altogether. I honestly thought all these people would simply wait to get some food or something, god was I wrong. :D

IEM: You’ve been a YouTube content creator for about five years now. What drives you to continuously create videos focusing on only one game?
Tweeday: I’ve been a YouTube content creator for about five years, yes - but I actually started doing Counter-Strike related content in 2006 already. I’d say the CS franchise has somewhat ruined my desire to play and/or work with any other games for now as it’s simply a game that has such a high skill ceiling but is also satisfying to play when you are not a great player. What I mean by that is that before I sit down and “waste time” learning a new game, I’d rather spend my time trying to get better at a game where I already feel established. It actually is true that ever since discovering Counter-Strike:Source upon its release I rarely played any other games than the CS franchise. The game might seem like it is “always the same” but it’s clearly not. Every time there’s something new and refreshing, might it be only a single play that I see or else. I even still get excited when I create a video and I am able to land a spot on cinematic shot. You might conclude it altogether that I am simply passionate about the game.

IEM: What did your YouTube channel do for you in terms of career opportunities?
Tweeday: I like to believe it opened up a lot. First hand it was me working more behind the scenes with creating films and working in a creative direction which I managed to be successful in. I got to know and meet a lot of different personalities - contacts that have always helped me in many ways. I do not know what my career may look like in the future or what it holds for me but I am confident that YouTube in itself has opened up opportunities for me to explore that  wouldn’t have been able to without it.

IEM: Have making CS:GO videos changed the way you view/play the game itself?
Tweeday: Indeed it did. I rather go for silly plays more often than doing the right decision (haha). Trying to get them movie frags! But in a more serious manner it also helped me as I’ve been working a lot with professional players inside and outside of the game; it didn’t only teach or change my views on the game but also outside of the game as a person - which I am very grateful for that the people took up with a young annoying kid like me and turned me upside down.

IEM: The YouTube scene has grown immensely with content creators becoming stars and making a proper living out of their videos. What do you think the future holds for you as a content creator?
Tweeday: I rather do not want to know. Worries are a part of life, I know, but worrying too much about my future will just affect the content I produce and the fun I have with it. Once I start worrying too much, I’m getting unproductive and then a circle begins where my content gets worse which results in more worries… and so forth.

IEM: Good luck with your plans and see you in Oakland! The last words are yours.
Tweeday: Thanks! Also thanks for taking your time to work this piece out with me. See you everybody in Oakland, I hope to meet as many as possible. Shoutout to GFUEL for making this possible, looking forward to everything that the Bay Area has in store for me. Another time in the USA - can’t wait! :)

You can still grab yourself a ticket for Intel Extreme Masters Oakland today for your chance to meet Tweeday in person and experience some amazing CS:GO!