Three qualifiers. Three servers. Three chances.
This weekend is the last chance to qualify for the Intel Extreme Masters in Shanghai.



Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai, the first event of Season XI, is already looming on the horizon and we’re looking to finalize our qualifiers. 



So far, nine players have already qualified over the last few weeks. Here is the current player list:


  • PtitDrogo
  • Neeb
  • Has
  • Cyan
  • PiLiPiLi


  • Major


  • TooDMing
  • Snute
  • Enderr

Who will follow in their footsteps?


We will be running three open server qualifiers in a row starting with OCE/Asia, moving into Europe and then finally North America. Each qualifier will determine a single qualifier slot to Shanghai. Games will take place on Saturday, June 11th, and the starting times for each qualifier are as follows:

Oceania/Asia (NA Server Oceanic Server)
14:00 CST (China Standard Time) / 08:00 CEST
16:00 CEST
North America
15:00 PST / 24:00 CEST

Each Server Qualifier will be a single elimination tournament, played out in best-of-3s until the final decider match which will then be full blown best-of-5. These qualifiers are open to any competing WCS player. Each qualified player will receive fully paid travel and accommodation upon securing victory in the Server Qualifiers. Players are allowed to sign up and compete in all of the qualifiers if they have the stamina to play for the full duration.

Where is Marinelord?

After the controversial suspension of Marinelord, DnS and Major from WCS events both DnS and Major resurfaced in the WCS circuit. Both played in the regional qualifiers over the last few weeks with Major finishing in 1st place in the Latin American qualifier to secure his position in Shanghai. Marinelord though, while he did sign up for the European regional qualifier on the 21st of May, failed to check in. Since then the Frenchman surprisingly has yet to sign up for this weekends European Server qualifier.

Online coverage

There will be multiple community streamers covering the event but each server qualifier will have its lead English stream. Check out relevant streams below:

OCE/Asia: Maynarde/Zepph

North America: BasetradeTV

Europe: ESL - ToD/Rotti

You can also join in on discussions with others in the community forums.

We are looking forward to seeing who will qualify from these three cruelling qualifers.Be sure to follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook for updates regarding the qualifiers this weekend and any further information on the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai.