The Challengers have arisen - four League of Legends teams secure slots at the next Intel Extreme Masters events
With IEM Challenger Paris concluded, we take a look at how the four teams qualified for our next IEM tournaments.

IEM Challenger took place during Paris Game Week and saw a total of eight League of Legends teams competing for slots at the two next Intel Extreme Masters events. Four teams fought for IEM Oakland and the other four for IEM Gyeonggi - here's how it all went down.

Group A - IEM Oakland

The teams competing for two slots in Oakland were Kaos latin Gamers, Lyon Gaming, INTZ e-Sports and Chiefs with the last two emerging victorious.


  • INTZ vs. KLG 2-0
  • Chiefs vs. Lyon 2-0
  • KLG vs. Lyon 0-2
  • INTZ vs. Chiefs 2-1
  • Chiefs vs. Lyon 2-0

We're looking forward to see what INTZ and Chiefs will show us in the Oracle Arena during IEM Oakland, competing against teams like Unicorns of Love and Flash Wolves. The team rosters are as follows:


  • Yang - Top
  • Revolta - Jungle
  • Tockers - Mid
  • micaO - ADC
  • Jockster - Support


  • Swip3rR -Top
  • Spookz - Jungle
  • Swiffer - Mid
  • Raes - ADC
  • EGym - Support

Group B - IEM Gyeonggi

The teams competing for the two available slots in our Korean event were Rampage, Saigon Jokers, Vega Squadron and Dark passage with the last two securing their tickets to IEM.


  • Vega vs. SAJ 0-2
  • RPG vs. DP 0-2
  • Vega vs. RPG 2-1
  • SAJ vs. DP 0-2
  • Vega vs. SAJ 2-0

Vega Squadron and Dark Passage will head to South Korea this December to compete for the IEM Gyeonggi trophy and a slot at the IEM World Championship Katowice. The team rosters are as follows:

Vega Squadron

  • NoNholy - Top
  • Zanzarah - Jungle
  • Drobovik123 - Mid
  • Blasting - ADC
  • Edward - Support

Dark Passage

  • Phaxi - Top
  • k0u - Jungle
  • Immortoru - Mid
  • HolyPhoenix - ADC
  • rogu - Support

See you soon!

Congratulations to the four teams who emerged victorious in IEM Challenger! Our next event is no other than IEM Oakland which will take place at the amazing Oracle Arena. Be sure to join us for another great stadium event and secure your ticket today!

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