Sign up for the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom open bracket qualifiers!
Join the top StarCraft II players at gamescom via the open bracket.

With the European and Asian qualifiers now over, five players having made the grade. Happy, Nerchio and Lilbow from Europe as well as soO and INnoVation from Korea will soon be joined by two more players from America, and now the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom open bracket qualifiers are underway.

The open bracket gives you the opportunity to join the world's best StarCraft II players and perform alongside them at gamescom in Cologne, Germany - do you have what it takes?

Slot distribution

The slot distribution for the open bracket is as follows:


  • Two from Germany
  • Six from Europe
  • Two from Asia
  • Two from America
  • Four global

The slots will be filled in the order dictated by players' official WCS rankings (deadline 7th of July).

How to sign up

In order to sign up for the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom open bracket qualifiers, please send an email to openbracket@esl.eu with the following information:


  • Full name
  • Nickname
  • Race
  • Link to your Battle.net profile
  • Link to your ESL profile
  • List of tournament achievements if applicable
  • Date of birth (participating players must be 16 years or older)
  • Phone number (including country code)

The application deadline is Sunday, July 19th, at 23:59 PST.

Prove you are worthy of competing with the best StarCraft II players in the world and sign up today!

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