Meet the talent lineup for CS:GO at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom
Some of the scene’s biggest CS:GO personalities will be bringing you the competition at gamescom 2015 - find them all here.

gamescom 2015 will see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s triumphant return to the Intel Extreme Masters lineup in the form of a unique last man standing tournament. With four days of fast-paced FPS action to come to an epic conclusion on Saturday, there’ll be a lot to take in - below you’ll find the experienced talent team who’ll be taking you through it.


  • Stage Host: OJ Borg
  • Desk Host: Will "Chobra" Cho
  • Commentator: Joe Miller
  • Commentator: Leigh "Deman" Smith
  • Commentator: Anders "Anders" Blume
  • Commentator: Joona "Natu" Leppänen
  • Commentator: Lauren "Pansy" Scott
  • Commentator: Alex "Machine" Richardson
  • Commentator: Jason Kaplan
  • Observer: Janko "yNK" Paunovic
  • Observer: Simon "pAn" Schumacher

CS:GO will be at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom from Wednesday the 5th to Saturday the 8th of August, so be sure to follow Intel Extreme Masters on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.