IEM World Championship in Katowice StarCraft II Open Qualifiers

With ten spots reserved for IEM winners and first runner-ups, the final sixteen are far from decided. A further two players will be invited, leaving four spots open to the StarCraft II community.

Three regional qualifiers will be held over the next few weeks, with the winners receiving an all expenses paid trip to the finals in Katowice. Each regional tournament will be hosted on local servers at a time deemed convenient for those in the area. However, there is nothing stopping European nationals from taking part in the Asian / American qualifiers (and vice-versa). In order to enter the competition, hopefuls that want to participate in the US and EU qualifiers need only be ESL Premium holders and at least 16 years of age.




Earlier this week we announced that the StarCraft II World Championship in Katowice, Poland would be a Winner Takes All US$100,000 tournament. Ten out of the sixteen spots have been set aside for IEM winners and first runner-ups. A further two spots will be filled by extending invitations to player at our own discretion, leaving four spaces for the community to fight for.

Additionally, we plan to host an Open Bracket Qualifier to fill the one remaining spot. Further information concerning this qualifier and the two invited players will be released later this week.



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