Closing out the Round of 16 and more at day two of Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2016
The second day at ChinaJoy saw even more great games going down.

The second day of Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai saw the other eight players taking the stage to complete the Round of 16. While the first quarterfinal was set to end off the day with the promising series of ShoWTimE vs. MaSa, the last matches of the Round of 16 still had a lot of action and nice plays waiting for us to witness. Who was able to stay alive in the tournaments?

The final matches for Round of 8 and more

First up was uThermal shocking Snute, sending the favorite packing early on with a clean 3-0 victory and showing some big Reaper plays in the process. puCK was able to draw the series against Elazer at 1-1, before the Zerg took over and finished off the series 3-1. Has started off letting cannons rain down on viOLet, winning the first game. However, viOLet came back from this sending Has packing by 3-1.

The results:

  • Snute 0-3 uThermal
  • Elazer 3-1 puCK
  • viOLet 3-1 Has
  • Nerchio 3-1 Cyan

Starting off the quarter finals were ShoWTimE and MaSa, closing out the the second day in style. A base race was the opening of this series, seeing the German taking the lead and extending it right away. However, MaSa came back showing some strong Ghost plays and scoring on the next two maps, taking the series to the fifth and final map. In the end, ShoWTimE was able to break the streak and score the third map.

  • ShoWTimE 3-2 MaSa

Don’t miss out the quarters and semis!

Tomorrow, we’re coming back at 8:45 CST once more to see the remaining quarter finals and the semi finals go down. Don’t miss out to see who will be making it to the grand final on Sunday!

The matches of tomorrow:

  • Quarterfinal #2: Neeb vs. Hydra
  • Quarterfinal #3: uThermal vs. Elazer
  • Quarterfinal #4: viOLet vs. Nerchio
  • Semi final #1: ShoWTimE vs. TBD
  • Semi final #2: TBD vs. TBD

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