Check out the top 6 Plays.tv highlights from Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen!
Plays.tv brings you the top 6 highlights of Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen

Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen has come to an end, and after five days of epic esports action two champions have been crowned. Here we take a look back at some of the event's exciting moments thanks to Plays.tv!

herO's hold against Jim

With less stalkers but way more micro, herO holds incredibly against Jim's stalker push.

Classic takes to the skies

With some awesome micro, Classic teaches herO and the world how to use phoenixes to their fullest extent.

uThermal from all sides

The Dutch uThermal shows us his skill with a great wrap around Jim's army to take the win!

Losira bangs against Classic's wall

With some great reactions and decision making, Classic holds against the all-in from Losira.

MVP Black surprises Virtus.Pro

MVP finds Virtus.Pro out of position and cashes in on it by taking down three of its members.

Newbee wins an incredible fight

Newbee goes head to head with Virtus.Pro and comes out ahead, taking out four members of the team in the process.


If you missed any of the exciting matches of Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen, be sure to check out http://plays.tv/ESL for more highlights and VODs!