Challenge Jankos to a 1v1 during Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!
Can you get first blood on the First Blood King himself?

Ever wanted to test your League of Legends skills against a pro player? Now is your chance! Five lucky challengers will face Jankos in a 1v1 match during the League of Legends weekend of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship on February 25-26.

How it works

  • Three challengers will be picked from the audience at Spodek
  • Two challengers will be picked by H2k on their Facebook page - check out the details here!
  • The challengers will play against Jankos backstage
  • The matches will be 1v1 ARAM
  • There will be two ways to win a match: get first blood or get the first turret. The criteria for picking the 1st place challenger will be either who won faster (in case more than one person wins against Jankos) or who survived the longest (in case Jankos bests everyone).
  • The winner will receive an Intel i7 6950x CPU, with the other challengers receiving H2k jerseys

And that's it! Be sure to be in the Spodek arena on February 25-26 and make yourself be seen by our host for a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play against Jankos in person.

There are only a very few tickets left for the League of Legends tournament at the Spodek arena in Katowice - secure yours now! Want to get in for free? That's also not a problem as general admission is free of charge. Remember to follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook to not miss any updates.