Announcing the talent team for StarCraft II at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom!
With the StarCraft II competition set to run throughout gamescom, we’ve put together a great talent lineup to take you through the event.

Intel Extreme Masters gamescom is almost here, and with it five days of top-tier StarCraft II action. In order to take you through the event in the best possible way, we've assembled a fantastic talent team - check them out below!

The talent

  • Stage host at gamescom finals: Will "Chobra" Cho
  • Commentator: Shaun "Apollo" Clark
  • Commentator: James "Kaelaris" Carrol
  • Commentator: Yoan "ToD" Merlo
  • Commentator: Kevin "Rotterdam" van der Kooi
  • Commentator: Andrew "Moonglade" Pender
  • Commentator: Jared "PiG" Krensel
  • Observer: Alex "FunKa" Verrier
  • Translator: Jeongwoo "Mal" Woo

The StarCraft II competition at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom will run from Wednesday the 5th to Sunday the 9th of August, so keep an eye on Intel Extreme Masters on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates about the event.